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commission prices

status: open!


example: headshot with shading

a lined headshot piece of your character with a simple color background.

chibi: $7
flat: $9
shading: +$3


example: shaded with simple background

a portrait with half of your character, can have either a simple or complex background.

flat: $10
shading: +$3
complex background: +$5


example: fullbody with shading and complex background

a fullbody drawing of your character with either a simple or complex background.

flat: $12
shading: +$5
complex background: +$7

reference sheets

example: base ref and accessories

a reference sheet of a preexisting character which includes a fullbody, a headshot, color palette, text, and a solid background.

base ref: $20
top/bottom view: +$5
accessories: +$2


example: hand drawn custom + ref sheet

a custom designed character made with information provided by the commissioner; includes one fullbody and a color palette.

base custom: $10
hand drawn custom: $13
complex features: +$5
ref sheet: +$10

character page

example: chibi sketch page with 2 extra fullbodies

a page that typically focuses around one character and contains two fullbodies, three headshots, and text.

chibi base character page: $20
base character page: $25
extra fullbody: +$5
extra headshot: +$3

terms of service

updated: march 25, 2021

please read the full t.o.s before commissioning me!

  • things i will not draw: anthro, humans, nsfw, sensitive language, hate speech, political messages

  • i am willing to draw most animals, however i'm most comfortable drawing felines and canines.

  • i reserve the right to refuse any commission if i feel uncomfortable drawing it.

  • i expect full payment via paypal upfront or after i send a rough sketch.

  • all prices are in usd. paypal will automatically convert other currencies.

  • no chargebacks! i will not provide refunds after the price is fully paid.

  • wips can be requested, but not excessively.

  • feel free to ask for an update if the commission is taking longer than expected!

  • please provide a clear reference of your character or photo of your pet.

  • orders will be cancelled if the customer ghosts and doesn't reply within 72 hours after i send the sketch.

by commissioning me, the client has read and agrees with these terms of service.